Socks Set Oasis™️(x5 Pairs) One Size

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At Lover Socks, we care about your health. This is why we have prepared a wonderful smoothie with the best fruits to fill up on vitamins before winter!

With our new Oasis socks kit, you will never forget to eat your 5 fruits a day. Whether it's apple, cherry, pineapple, banana or strawberry, there will be something for everyone!

Desire for change? Our socks are available in 5 different colors to match any outfit. And as always, they are made of quality cotton which will bring comfort and cheerfulness to all sizes of feet!

      • Made from premium cotton
      • Unique size (2,5-7,5 UK, 4-10 US, 34-41 EUR)
    Questions & Answers
    How long takes delivery ? 
    Delivery takes usually up to 7 days 
    Do you charge for shipping ? 
    We offer free shipping worldwide.
    Will the socks fit my feet? 
    Thanks to the technology of our premium quality cotton, our socks fit all feet from size 2,5-7,5 UK, 4-10 US, 34-41 EUR.